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iDraw Update
March 28, 2012


Was sent yesterday an update of the iDraw app for approval by Apple . This update have how highlight the opening of the app to receive drawing files that can be easily found for free on the internet, thus not restricting the use of the application to the drawings that this brings with it or that are sold by app. The supported file extensions are gif , jpg and png . The application automatically adjusts the resolution of the drawing, but you must choose those that meet the standard resolution of the of 768px wide and 1024px high, to avoid distortion or fragmentation. The trick is to use the search engine google image searching for the word "coloring" and setting the dimensions that are looking in the right column .

Also new is the inclusion of a new free game drawing, Coloring by Numbers (or Coloring and Discover in some countries), where the child is encouraged to fill areas numbered with their respective colors, completing the design is hidden, and the addition of patterns that can be used as background images of the drawings.

There have been several innovations in the interface layout, like the feeling of being squeezed ink when performing the color choice, creating a library where were grouped the various types of drawings and opened a store that allows purchase of more a package of drawings, containing five Coloring by Numbers (or Coloring and Discover in some countries) and five Connect the Dots. The icon and splash screen were also updated.